Technical data

Technical data

Consisting of a band of pallets, ACCEL is built using the overlapping pallet concept which allows each pallet to expand three times its original size. Each pallet is equipped with its own magnet propelled by linear motors installed in fixed positions.

In addition, the pallet band and the handrail are two separate systems that run precisely in sync. Sensors constantly focus on the position of the individual grips and pallets, ensuring that passengers always feel that these are moving at the same speed, which allows them to experience a smooth and safe.

Speed Up to 2 m/s (7.2 Km/h)
Capacity 7,300 passengers/hour per direction
Length modules from 100 to 500 m
Pallet width 1,200 mm
Total width if bidirectional 4,860 mm
Pit depth 980 mm
Climate class Indoor
Horizontal turn around 2 ways
Horizontal turn around 1 way