Fostering urban mobility

Shortening connecting times
at airports and metros

ACCEL provides an efficient solution to the dominating global challenges of urbanization – alleviates traffic congestion by improving access to metro stations and attracting up to 30% additional passengers.

In airport terminals it offers a reduction of connection times between gates by up to 70%.

at a glance

How does
ACCEL work?

Horizontal turnaround
  • Allows one-way or bi-directional traffic with only one ACCEL.
Synchronized handrail
  • Handrail totally synchronized with pallet band.
  • Continuous handrail running at high speed below handrail.


Summary features

Max. speed of 2 m/s
Time savings up to 70%
7,300 pphpd (passengers per hour per direction)
Continuous movement
No waiting time/areas
Unique Technology
Proven pallet/handrail systems Transrapid technology
Easy to use
Safe, comfortable ride
No instructions required
Easy fit
No major impact on the construction
Easier planning
Product range
Services recommended lengths of up to 1,500m
Applicable to medium distances more efficiently
Future Demands
A metro access at less than 500 m to any citizen
Improved Public Transport Quality by extending the distance between train stops

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